In 2001 we at Port of Entry Inc. made the decision of publishing a B2B portal for the environmental sector in the Americas championing innovation, sustainability and development. The site has been developing in parallel with the growth of a market for environmental technologies, equipment, products and services in Latin America and other emerging economies.  With this project we have learned about efficient methodologies and enabling technologies to develop digital media.

Port of Entry has highly specialized collaborators: 

Alejandra Rojo ( Ph.D. in Education, University of Toronto) 

Alejandra specializes in the production, use and adoption of digital media ( especially in professional communities). She conducts audience needs analyses, information mapping and design and implement solutions for communication and training. She has published in specialized journals. A Psychologist in her native Chile and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Alejandra developed her new professional interests and earned her Ph.D. when she came to live in Canada.